Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Who's Cheese & Cracker?

Well, hello there!  I'm glad you've stopped by!  

What is this blog all about?  Well, as the title says, Deaf Mama Speaks.   I'm gonna share snippets, stories, perspectives and personal stuff about being Deaf/being ME.  I don't know what the difference is, as I am deaf and I am me, and they are the same thing to me!

I grew up deaf in a mostly deaf family as did one of my parents.  The other parent grew up oral.  

I teach.  Officially I teach sign language classes but I teach whatever I know.   I love questions so feel free to ask anything you want!

Oh good, here's a question! 
Who's Cheese and Cracker??  

Cheese:   My husband, my sweetheart.    He is a deaf professional.   He lipreads crazy good and speaks well, so he gets by in the 'hearing world' fine.   It has its challenges though.

Cracker:  Our son in 4th grade.  Smart little cookie!   Loves to read, involved in scouts and piano lessons.  Oh yeah, he's deaf too. 

My family all speak and sign.  Sometimes we sign only, sometimes we speak and sign, and sometimes speak only.   But when Deaf Mama Speaks on this blog, I'm sharing a message from my heart/mind/soul.  It is irrelevant whether I'm using my voice or my hands to share my message with you.

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