Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mama, I hope you don't die until next week!

Yes, my dear little Cracker actually said this to me.

Here's the scenario:

I'm very sick.  Nothing fatal, just horrible hacking coughs and terrible sneezes and a nose that *just*wont*quit*dripping!   Feeling achy and just plain terrible!

My dear son looks at me and says he hopes I hang on till next week.   Dad and I looked at each other and teased him that once I chaperoned his field trip, then he was done with me, didn't ever need his Mama again?  Nooo, not what he meant at all (we knew this, but just had to tease him about his choice of words!) 

I'll take his concern for my well-being and ability to chaperone his field trip next week to mean he loves me.  Yeah.    :-)

This is also connected to yesterday's post.

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